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Basketball Dribbling Drills

Basketball dribbling drills are often overlooked by coaches and players because dribbling is considered to be such a basic basketball skill. However, coaches should not take dribbling for granted with their team. Good basketball dribbling drills are easy to do, fun, and simple enough that athletes can complete them anywhere, anytime.

The ballhandling drills provided here give athletes equal practice dribbling with both hands, which builds skill, patience, and versatility. Basketball dribbling drills should be done at the beginning of practice for a few minutes each day. Repetition is key, as players need a chance to focus on this specific skill without thinking of any other skills.

High and Low

Each player starts with a ball. They begin dribbling at normal waist height. Players then begin to bounce the ball higher until they are dribbling so high they almost have to jump. Players then bring the ball back to normal dribbling height and eventually down much lower.

Players should dribble down to the floor as low as they can while still controlling the dribble. Players can even get down on one knee if they want to get the ball even lower. Players should do this drill with both hands, so that they get an even workout on both sides.

Ballhandling Drill: Around the Body

This dribbling drill allows players to show off while building their ball control skills. Players begin by dribbling around their left leg, then their right leg. Then, players should dribble around both legs, now together. The ball should never stop dribbling, even when players are switching positions.

Players should then kneel on one knee and dribble around the body and under the leg before switching legs. The athletes should repeat the drill with both hands.Basketball Dribbling Drills

Roll Over Dribble

Basketball players start with a ball in their right hand. They bounce once with the right hand and then dribble in front of them as if they were going to cross over their body. Rather than switch to the left hand, however, players roll their right hand over the ball and pull it back to the right. This drill should also be repeated on the left.

Better Basketball Dribbling

Basketball dribbling drills may seem unimportant because of how much dribbling practice athletes get during regular practice, but dribbling drills are essential to teaching proper dribbling skills.

Athletes need to continue practicing such basic skills as dribbling because poor technique can cost athletes speed, accuracy, and control of the ball. The basketball drills provided here should be practiced daily and are great practice during the off-season to keep athletes sharp and in practice.

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