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Basketball Practice Drills

There are several considerations when finding basketball practice drills. Drills must be at the right level for the team using them, and they must teach important skills the coach deems necessary. Also, basketball practice drills need to support a coach’s practice plan and help the team achieve their goals.

Drills and Practice

Basketball practice drills need to be part of a cohesive strategy for success. A coach must determine what they most need to focus on during the day and pick drills that support such learning. For example, a coach who determines that defense is weak should probably not spend much time working on dribbling and lay-up drills that day.

Instead, coaches need to look at all possible training drills and determine which will promote learning and good technique among players. Here are some simple basketball practice drills that can be mixed or matched as desired.

Game Delay

Four players start at the free throw line elbows. One player starts outside the 3-point line. The point of this drill is to fool the defense into thinking that the team does not plan to shoot.

Player 1 dribbles to the right wing. Player 2, at the bottom of the right stack, runs to the top of the key looking for a pass. Player 1 passes and takes Player 2’s spot in the stack. Player 3, at the bottom of the left stack, runs to the top of the key looking for a pass as Player 2 dribbles to the left wing. Player 2 passes to Player 3, and Player 2 replaces Player 3 in his former spot.

The drill continues with players dribbling to one side, the bottom of one stack coming out for a pass, and the dribbler replacing the runner in the stack.

Basketball Practice Drill: Double Defenders

This defensive drill teaches athletes how to effectively use a screen and double up on it. Player 1 has the ball at the top of the key. Defender 1 is just down court of Player 1. Player 2 is on the right wing. Defender 2 is just down court of him.

Player 1 dribbles to Player 2, who is setting a stationary screen for him. Defender 1 tries to beat Player 1 there and force him away. As Player 1 gets near Player 2, Defender 2 steps up also and double-defends Player 1.

This fun basketball drill can be run different ways, starting to different sides of the court. The offense should always try to break through the defense, while the defense should always try to keep the offense from reaching their desired positions.

Basketball Practice Planning Advice From Hubie Brown

Hubie Brown is one of the top coaches in the US. You can learn more by visiting Hubie Brown's NBA Coaching Profile, but first be sure to watch this fabulous clip:

Basketball Training Tips for Coaches

Basketball practice drills have to fit into a coach’s overall strategy for practice and competition success. Drills should be easy to learn, work on specific skills, and support the coach’s plan for the team. One offense and one defense drill is provided here to help coaches turn practice into a real learning experience for players and compound the benefits of teaching new skills.

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