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Basketball Shooting Drills

Because basketball is all about making shots, every team needs to put some focus on basketball shooting drills to improve accuracy, range, and timing. These drills should encourage athletes to set up in the proper position, judge their shot based on their location on the court, and shoot accurately so as to make the shot. The following basketball shooting drills teach coaches and athletes how to best prepare a team for a competition.

Basketball Drills for Shooting

There are several ways to prepare a team for more accurate shots, but basketball shooting drills are the most team-inclusive, fastest way to bring everyone together. By teaching players to act like a team, you encourage good attitudes, proper behavior, and accountability while increasing shooting skills.

Improve Accuracy and Timing with the Switch-Off Shot

One player starts with the ball under the hoop. The other player stands wherever they want to take a shot from. The player with the ball passes to the other player, who catches the ball in a good shooting position, with the knees bent. Immediately after catching the ball, the player takes a jump shot, working on controlling the body and making a steady shot.

After shooting, the player runs down to get his own rebound, while the other player runs onto the court to repeat the process. The player who passed first now receives the pass and takes his own shot, rebounding his own ball and passing it to his teammate.

Improve Shooting Range with Distance Shots

One player starts on the free throw line. Another player starts under the basket with the ball. The player with the ball passes to the player on the free throw line, who takes a shot. The player under the basket rebounds the ball and passes it back. The shooting player must make five shots on the free throw line.

When all five shots are made, the player steps back to the 3-point line and repeats the drill. Once the player makes five shots, he takes another step back, beyond the 3-point line. After making another five shots, depending on his abilities, he moves back in to the 3-point line. The drill continues in reverse until the player has made 5 shots from the free throw line again.

Then, the drill switches and the rebounder becomes the shooter.

Three Shot Relay

Players stand in two groups, a few feet outside the zone but near the baseline. The first player takes a shot and grabs his own rebound. He then dribbles down the court to the other basket, where he makes a lay-up.

The player then dribbles back to the original end of the court and makes a free throw. When he rebounds the free throw, he passes to the first player in the opposite line and the drill repeats.

Basketball Shooting Drills With Tara VanDeerVer

Final Coaching Thoughts

Shooting drills for basketball are crucial building blocks for developing a strong team. Because shooting determines success, players and coaches need to have an arsenal of shooting drills that will build arm strength, endurance, and accuracy. The basketball drills for kids provided here can easily be modified for athletes working alone or for entire teams practicing together.


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