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Girls Basketball Plays

Girls basketball plays are those moves that can be used in competition in order to defend against an offense or score points against a defense. Coaches should recognize the unique needs of their female players and choose plays that make use of their strengths, cover their weaknesses, and help the team succeed.

Girls Basketball Coaching

When devising girls basketball plays, coaches need to take into account the unique personalities and motivating factors for their players. Female athletes do not work mentally or physically the same way male athletes do, and coaches must recognize these differences.

Female athletes often prefer more camaraderie with their coach than do male players. They identify more with positive reinforcement, but they do not want to be coddled. Female players are athletes above all else, and the girls basketball plays used by a team should reflect these needs.

Box Pass Offense

Player 1 starts with the ball near the half court line. Players 2-4 are lined up horizontally at the 3-point line. Player 5 is near the basket behind Player 3. Player 1 passes to Player 2, on the right wing. Player 2 immediately passes to Player 3, in the middle, who then passes to Player 4, on the left wing. Player 5 moves laterally to be directly in line with Player 4, while Player 1 replaces Player 5 and Players 2 and 3 move to the right side.

This continues until the ball gets down the court and into shooting range. Whenever a player has a shot, they should take it. This drill utilizes quick passes and team cooperation.

Divide and Conquer

Players 1, 4, and 5 are lined up vertically in line with the basket. Players 2 and 3 are outside the 3-point line on the wings.

Players must think of the court as being divided vertically in half and horizontally along the free throw line. Players 1, 4, and 5 have to think of the court as being divided horizontally so as to not allow passes to the next logical player. For example, Player 1 denies the pass when the ball is below the free throw line. Player 4 denies the pass on either side of the free throw line, and Player 5 denies it when it is above the free throw line.

Players 2 and 3 think of the space as divided vertically. When the ball is on their side of the court, they stay on the ball. When it is on the opposite side, they deny the pass.

Working together, players can visualize the court in a new way and cover all their bases, staying on the ball when necessary and denying the pass when possible.

Plays for Girls Basketball - Final Thoughts

Girls basketball plays are only successful when they take into account the specific needs and strengths of a girls basketball team. Players need reinforcement, positive interaction, and camaraderie with teammates. The plays provided here help athletes and coaches make use of the unique strengths of girls basketball players.

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