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Simple Basketball Plays

Simple basketball plays are ones where coaches do not have to worry about long teaching times, athlete confusion, or mistakes due to lack of clarity. Strategies that are easy to understand, easy to execute, and effective are considered simple basketball plays. Such plays help teams with limited time learn more.

Use Time Wisely

When learning new simple basketball plays, teams often do not have much time before they need to put the plays into practice. The best advice for a team low on time is to learn a few simple youth basketball plays for different situations; i.e., a team should have both offensive and defensive plays, even if they do not have time to learn more than one play of each type.

Clarify the Goal

Each play should have a goal, whether it is to make a basket, confuse the defense, or run down the clock. Coaches should make sure that all players understand the point of the play and how it is to be used so that everyone knows the objective during competition.

To clarify the goal of the play, coaches should talk about the play briefly before demonstrating or teaching it. Players should know what type of play it is, what the purpose is, how it is effective, and problems they should watch out for.

Describe Each Position

Coaches need to ensure that each player understands their role in the play so that there is no confusion. Because these plays are meant to be simple, players need to have one job during the play. This does not mean that the plays have to be so simple that the opposite team can overcome the moves, it simply means that players have strictly defined roles that prevent complication and confusion.

Simple Triangle Basketball Play

Player 1 stands outside the top of the key. Players 2 and 3 stand under the basket while Players 4 and 5 stand on the free throw line. Players 4 and 5 run downcourt to set a pick for Players 2 and 3, who run to the wings and Player 1 passes to either of them.

This play allows players to then pass again if needed or more optimally, take a shot. The point of this play is to set a pick so that someone else can get open for a pass. Players must understand that their job is to set a pick, wait for a pick, and get open for a pass, and take a shot.

Simple Basketball Plays - Split the Post

Basketball Plays for Kids

The point of simple basketball plays is to give kids specific jobs to do and help them understand exactly what is expected of them. When players know what their job is, comprehend the reason for the play, and do not feel overburdened by too many movements or requirements, a simple basketball play will be successful.

Coaches should consider simple basketball plays for several reasons. If they are short on time, they can use simple plays to increase their team’s abilities and versatility without overwhelming the athletes. Simple basketball plays are also perfect for less advanced teams that need to focus on technique and skills as well as the overall play.

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