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High School Basketball

Coaching high school basketball is different than coaching youth sports or acting as a volunteer for a less-competitive team. High school basketball requires both coaches and players to devote significant time, energy, and resources into the sport. Coaches can help athletes get and stay motivated by encouraging them to be their best, working with them to improve technique, and giving them opportunities to grow and change.

Coaching High School Basketball Players

Coaches of high school basketball need to remember that they are coaching students with many other stressors and time constraints and work to make the best possible use of their time. Student athletes must maintain good grades, think about their future, support themselves through a part-time job, and focus on sports, so coaches need to be sensitive to the time they require of athletes.

Athletes need to make a decision about the importance of high school basketball to them. If they are not committed, basketball practice will become a chore instead of a pleasure. Athletes should be encouraged to try out the sport before deciding if they want to stick with it.

Motivating High School Players

Coaches need to continually motivate their athletes. Because the students will be playing for different reasons, coaches will need to get to know each player and work with them to get the best out of each.

Some players will be participating because they want to play sports in college or even professionally. These athletes will need the least outside motivation because they will usually be internally driven. Athletes participating for the fun of the sport also usually do not need much outside motivation, because they are in it because they love the game. Those athletes participating to please others will be the hardest for coaches to motivate because they are playing for someone other than themselves.

Teaching Basketball Technique

High school basketball players should have a good handle on basic technique by the time they reach the high school level. Coaches should review basic skills to determine where their team is, but they should quickly move on to more difficult basketball drills or plays requiring multiple skills. Athletes should be encouraged to begin strategizing instead of just following directions.

Building Trust and Respect

Youth basketball coaches are usually revered figures in an athlete’s life, but the respect does not come automatically. Coaches should establish themselves as knowledgeable, trustworthy, and fair. Coaches should always attempt to make decisions that will benefit everyone in the group and never play favorites. Above all, coaches should treat athletes with respect in order to receive the same treatment.


For coaches coaching high school basketball, there are different requirements for success. Coaches must respect the athletes’ time and commitment to other activities in order to build a team of trust and respect. Coaches should work to motivate each athlete individually in order to build the best team possible, and athletes should step back to determine if they can maintain the level of dedication necessary to be successful at high school basketball.

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