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Coaching Kids Basketball

Coaching kids basketball can be a tricky task. Working with kids is a rewarding experience, especially when a coach sees the kids grow and learn. But it can also be overwhelming without the right coaching tools.

People coaching kids basketball should know several important tips and be prepared for every practice in order to maintain control over the team and turn games into winning situations.

Know the Basics

Any coach working with kids needs to know the basics of the sport. Coaches should study up on basketball terms, skills, and drills to establish authority and build trust and respect on the team. If a coach is uncomfortable with his or her knowledge of the sport, simple online tutorials and coaching guides are an excellent way to build sport proficiency.

Keep it Fun

A coach’s goal is obviously to win competitions, but it should also be about having fun and growing, especially when coaching kids basketball. Coaches should make it a point to turn drills into playtime.

A simple example of this would be to work on dribbling skills by playing “follow the leader.” Each player has a basketball and follows the coach as he winds his way around the practice area. The coach can encourage athletes to keep dribbling at a consistent speed and with control, while still having fun.

Keep it Positivecoaching kids basketball

Young athletes need reassurance and help building social skills, self-confidence, and physical sport skills. Coaches need to keep the mood positive during practice and competition, focusing on encouragement rather than criticism. Athletes do need to know what they are doing wrong in order to grow and improve, but suggestions should be presented in a positive, supportive way.

Create a Routine

Getting kids’ attention is a difficult part of coaching kids basketball. To help everyone snap into “practice mode” when they walk into a practice, make a routine and stick to it. If players know that as soon as they arrive at practice they will jog one lap to warm up, they will be prepared to stretch and continue practice after that lap.

Coaches can also use a routine to build good habits regarding sports. All athletes should begin with a warm-up and light stretching, and a youth coach can instill these habits by making it part of an everyday routine. Maintaining this routine at competitions will also help athletes stay calm and handle their nerves.


All coaches make mistakes, but only those smart enough to evaluate themselves see them. A youth coach needs to step back and find out what is working and what is not. This will help the coach make necessary changes to retain current athletes, recruit more athletes, and build a positive, successful team.

How to Coach Kids Basketball - Some Final Thoughts

Coaching basketball is a worthwhile endeavor, but coaches who are prepared will find it rewarding and fulfilling as well. Coaches should know their sport skills, terminology, and appropriate drills to accurately teach the sport.

All coaches should keep the environment positive and fun. Youth sports is about learning, growing, and enjoying, and coaches should have these priorities in mind above winning. Finally, creating a routine will help athletes settle down at practice and stay calm during competition.

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