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Fun Basketball Drills

With children, fun basketball drills are the only ones to keep their attention. Without their attention, coaches cannot teach new concepts and help improve technique. Drills are only considered fun when athletes want to participate in them, enjoy what they are doing, and see results.

Encourage Teamwork

Fun basketball drills come from coaches who encourage their athletes to work together. Building a sense of teamwork and trust can go a long way to helping athletes have a good time at practice and not realize they are learning.

Healthy Competition

Turning basketball practice into a light competition can work wonders on motivating athletes. Even if there is no reward involved, athletes like fun basketball drills that let them compete with themselves and each other. These drills should be about who can make the most baskets or who is the quickest to change direction in a sprint drill, not about anything negative.

Children's Basketball Drill: Stoplight

Players line up on the end of the court with a ball. The coach can yellow one of four things “Green light,” which means dribble forward; “Blue light,” which means dribble left; “Orange light,” which means dribble right; and “Red light,” which means stop dribbling.

This fun basketball drill teaches dribbling skills as well as reflexes and following instructions. If a player does not stop dribbling on “red light,” they get a “foul.” Three fouls and the player is disqualified from the drill.

Fun Basketball Drill Idea : Garden Glove Drill

Two-Step Pass

Players spread out on the court. The coach throws the ball in to one player, who can take two steps before he must stop. Once he stops, the player must pass the ball to someone else on the court. Then that person must count his steps out loud, not to exceed two. Then he passes.

The ball can never touch the ground. If players take more than two steps or let the ball touch the ground, they must do some type of conditioning, as designated by the coach. This is a great drill to run in practice before working on basketball plays.

Bean Bag Lean

Players start on either side of the court in two lines, facing in. A ring of bean bags is in the center. The first player from each line dribbles into the center and must pick up a bean bag while maintaining the dribble. They must then return to the line and pass off the ball to the next player in their line. This drill continues until the coach blows the whistle. The team with the most bean bags wins, though only one bean bag can be taken at once.

Rule #1: Basketball Drills NEED to be Fun

Fun basketball drills are those that involve learning, teamwork, and competition. Players need to multitask, forget they are learning something new, and work together for success in order for a drill to be truly fun.

The drills provided in this guide are fun basketball drills designed for youth of all ages. These drills can be made more difficult or easier depending on the needs of each team, but they are provided as a guide for how to enjoy practice time with young athletes and still practice valuable basketball skills.

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