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Basketball Drills for Kids

Basketball drills for kids should be simple, fun, and educational. Drills need to be easy to set up and take down, as coaches will have little time during practice. As kids lose focus easily, the drills need to be fun as well as educational. Basketball drills for kids must teach important basic basketball skills while building social skills, physical fitness, and self-esteem.

Simple Basketball Drill: Mountains

Players start on the foul line, facing the court. Each has a basketball. On the coach’s whistle, the athletes jog while dribbling to the free throw line. They then turn around, while still dribbling, and dribble back to the starting point. Next, players dribble to the half court line and back to start. They continue to the opposite free throw line and back, and finally to the other foul line and back to start.

This drill builds basketball dribbling skills and mental endurance, as athletes have to know when to start and stop, how to keep the ball dribbling at the same speed and height, and how to maneuver around other players. This drill can be made more difficult by increasing the speed at which players jog.

Kid's Basketball Drill: Around and Shoot

Five players line up on the 3-point line, spaced evenly. The coach passes the ball to a player on one end, who immediately passes to the player next to him. This continues until the ball reaches the player at the opposite end. That player dribbles in for a lay-up. The player who took a shot then replaces the first player, and everyone moves down a spot.

This drill continues until everyone has had a chance to fill every spot. When the ball gets passed, players should yell “S-H-O-T Shot!” This keeps the rhythm going and keeps athletes engaged when it is not their turn to shoot.

Keep Away

The classic game of keep away is perfect for practicing defense. Two players stand opposite each other; one has a ball. A third player stands in the middle of them, acting as the defender. It is the defender’s job to keep the other players from being able to pass to each other, with the intention of stealing the ball if possible.

The defender can guard the player with the ball until he gets a pass off and then switch to the other player. This drill can include everyone by forming a circle with several defenders in the middle. They practice a “zone defense,” where they each have a few players to guard.

When the defender steals the ball, he replaces the player who threw the unsuccessful pass.

Final Thoughts on Kid's Basketball

Basketball drills for kids must be simple, so they do not have to spend much time learning. They must also be fun, so kids stay interested. Finally, they have to be educational, teaching an important skill without the kids really knowing they are learning. The drills provided as an example fulfill these qualities and are sure to have a kids basketball team engaged and excited.

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