Basketball Coaching Tips, Techniques and Strategies

Coaching basketball is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding challenges you'll ever take on. Below are some of my favorite tips, tweaks and "hacks" to help you save time and stress, while achieving your goals as a team.

  • How To Develop a Winning Identity For Your Basketball Team

    Pop question. If you had to describe your team's identity in one sentence, could you do it? If you're not quite sure, this short exercise will help you understand the importance of creating a winning identity for your team, and developing a coaching style that maximizes your chances for success.

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  • Do You Make This Basketball Coaching Mistake?

    Most coaches understand the importance of learning the fundamentals and strategies of the game. And the savviest ones take the time to carefully plan practices, work with parents to establish rules and expectations, and build a support staff to help them achieve the team's goals. But there's still one mistake that the vast majority of amateur coaches continue to make...

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  • Youth Basketball Coaching and The Art of War

    Around 2500 years ago, a Chinese general named Sun Tzu wrote created "The Art of War" - outlining the five most important factors in military strategy. Today, "The Art of War" is still considered the most powerful book on strategy ever written, and it's principles are often used by leaders in government, military, and sports.

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