Basketball Drills

If you want your players to improve, it's important to select basketball drills that develop their skill level, while preparing them to compete in a real, live game situation. Below are some of my "go-to" practice drills for youth and high school teams.

  • Basketball Shooting Drills - With A Purpose

    Working on your game situation shooting skills is one of the most vital parts of your practice plan. Here's a great way to help your players extend their range and increase their shooting percentage, while generating some healthy competition and game-like intensity.

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  • Fun Basketball Drills For Kids

    If you're coaching kids under 12, it's important to focus on the fundamentals... but it's equally important to help them have fun and develop a love for the game. Here are three fun basketball drills that combine a skill element with a unique (and sometimes silly) game to inject some fun into your practices.

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  • 3 Transition Drills For A Killer Fast Break

    Teams that have the ability to push the ball upcourt and score quickly can change the pace of the game when necessary, negate the impact of a stifling zone defense, and take advantage of a tired opponent. Below are three of my favorite practice drills to help improve your transition game!

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