Basketball Practice Plans


How To Run An Amazing Kids Basketball Practice, From A-Z!

By: Coach Pat Anderson

How important is practice planning?

Well... the late, great John Wooden once said that he and his assistants often spent more time planning a practice than running the actual practice itself!

And while that's probably not possible for most volunteer coaches, it certainly tells you how much of a priority your practice plan should be.

To help save you time in planning your sessions, I've laid out three of my "go-to" practice plans below. One for a 120 minute practice, one for a 90 minute practice, and one for a 60 minute practice.

NOTE: All drill descriptions and diagrams are included inside Ultimate Youth Basketball Drills.

Each of the below plans is divided into several "practice blocks" with pre-determined lengths. Within each block, you'll find one or more drills that focus on a specific skill set (like shooting, passing, dribbling etc.)


120 Minute Youth Basketball Practice Plan


90 Minute Basketball Practice Plan


60 Minute Basketball Practice Plan

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